Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cause An Effect Of Stress

The potential causes of stress are numerous. Your stress may be linked factors such as the state of the world, the environment in which you live or work, or your family. Your stress can also come from your own irresponsible behavior, negative attitudes and feelings, or unrealistic expectations.

The causes of stress are highly individual. What you consider stressful depends on many factors, including your personality, general outlook on life, problem-solving abilities, and social support system. Others, however, you can find these three most causes categories:

Frustrations: Frustrations are obstacles that prevent you from meeting your needs or achieving personal goals. They can be external such as discrimination, an unsatisfying job, divorce, or the death of a loved one or internal. Examples of internal frustrations include physical handicaps, the lack of a desired ability or trait, and other real or perceived personal limitations.

Conflicts: Stressors involving two or more incompatible needs or goals are known as conflicts. For example, a working mother might feel torn over a job offer that would advance her career, but take time away from her family. Sometimes the conflict involves a choice between two desirable options, such as deciding between two acceptance offers from equally appealing colleges. At other times, the decision involves disagreeable alternatives.

Pressures: Stress can stem from the expectations of others or the demands you place on yourself. You may feel pressure to get good grades in order to please your parents or get into a good school. Or you may feel pressure to excel at work, make a difference in your community, or be the perfect mother.

Stress affects the mind, body, in many ways. The specific effects or symptoms of stress vary from person to person, they can be intellectual like, Memory problems, Difficulty making decisions, Inability to concentrate, Confusion, and Seeing only the negative